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How we do it.

  • We work with brands to either execute their channel strategies in each country, or provide a complete country launch plan, including accounts to target, logistics, PR, and tech support as we have for clients like Canary, Tile, and LIFX.

  • We are experts in launch strategies for all consumer electronics but have a strong focus in CE startups and can provide flexible, project-based, or longer-term engagements.

  • We analyse marketing opportunities on an ongoing basis to make sure brands get maximum visibility for the minimum spend possible.

Our services complement a direct model through third-party logistics (3PL), a vendor's own warehouse, or through a distributor in each country, with one set of key contacts to drive your business. We can also assist vendors with setting up 3PL support across Europe, along with VAT, certification, detailing services, tech support, and even company set-up services if needed.


LSM GLOBAL provides comprehensive inside and outside sales coverage to maximise the impact of both direct and indirect business models, leveraging relationships with all key retailers in the UK, France, Germany, the Nordics, Benelux region, Italy and Spain.


Retail is complicated. We're here to help.

The distance between product and customer is often measured in proprietary processes, procedures, and protocols. Our Inside Sales team is here to bridge that distance, providing in-country sales support at a fraction of the cost of direct employees, and without the headaches of company formation.


Our support strategy, tailored to your specific needs, includes:

  • Onboarding and item set-up

  • Order tracking and shipment notification

  • Invoicing, payment handling, disputes and chargeback resolution

  • Monthly sales and inventory reporting


For those who want to realise the benefits of having their own employees, but don’t want to set up a legal entity in the EU, we can work within local requirements to set up a silo office of your own people under our payroll.


Companies that do want to form a legal entity in the EU can do so through a subsidiary or a separate company. LSM Global can provide short- or long-term consulting services related to company formation.


We can connect your company with local accounting services to ensure you have what you need for company formation, as well as ongoing VAT filing and other accounting requirements, and we also work closely with a financial services provider who can assist with bank set-up, pensions, share options for staff, and local employment contracts and laws.


As Amazon has grown, so have we, collecting and collating knowledge and hiring former Amazon buyers and marketers into our fold to leverage their retail experience.

  • Between LSM Global’s team in London, and our partner, Lienau, based five minutes away from Amazon headquarters in Seattle, we’re able to offer both inside and outside sales coverage for direct business models with Amazon US, Canada, UK, France, Germany, Italy, and Spain.

  • LSM Global and Lienau call on every Amazon office throughout North America and Europe on a regular basis, and we maintain in-country local relationships with Senior Vendor Managers.

  • LSM Global can assist vendors with set up of 3PL support across Europe, along with VAT and other set-up information.

  • We produce enhanced content pages, including translation services, in-house, for all seven countries.


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