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Taking giant leaps long before Neil Armstrong took his


Pioneers in retail innovation since 1947

“I’ve introduced half a dozen key brands into the global marketplace during my career and I normally have several key partners to recommend in a given region.


For their unique ability to seamlessly manage Amazon and all other channels in EMEA and produce results, there is only one company I recommend and that’s LSM Global. “

LSM Global is a strategic sales and marketing partner to some of the world’s  fastest growing brands. Our sister company Lienau,  founded in 1947, joined forces with LSM Global in 2014 to provide unparalleled expertise across North America, EMEA and beyond.

How do we solve all the problems that lead our clients such as this Senior VP in the CE Industry to say things like this?


Some people feel that they’re outsourcing certain functions when they hire an agency like us. We don’t look at it that way. We want our clients to feel like we’re an integrated part of their team, filling the gaps in their organization and intimately understanding each part of it.


This approach allows us to combine our expertise in servicing our retail customers and channel partners along with our knowledge of our clients’ structure and systems to allow both to work together most effectively.

We’re also not about us.


We’re not here to build our brand. We’re not trying to get sold to the next super agency looking to gobble us up. We just aspire to deliver amazing results.


We offer a level of service that others find hard to match through adapting to the market with the right plan and right team.

As an agency we act as part of your team, filling the gaps you don’t have the expertise or resources to cover yourselves. We’re here to represent your best interests, and your best interests alone.

Milestones in our illustrious history

We've got decades of experience growing products in a huge range of markets and whatever new innovation and technology arrives in the future, we’ll be there.


LSM Global. Helping brands soar across Europe and beyond

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