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Our Amazon Sales Managers create, develop, and maintain working relationships at the highest level with Amazon stakeholders in order to successfully execute our customers’ mutual agendas.

They negotiate best-in-class terms on your behalf, help you to set your sales agenda and plan for optimised placement and execution in Amazon's key events and opportunities.


Our Account Management Team works in the background to assure process efficiencies in order management and fulfillment, catalog set up and updates, invoicing and accounting. They stay on top of Amazon's constant backend changes and keep a constant watch on your account health. They inform and train your team on Amazon best practice to ensure it runs deep within your organisation.

Our Content team builds best in class detail pages and brand stores in-house to save you time and money. We manage your content end-to-end including asset development and localisation. We make sure the customer has all the information they need to buy into your brand, giving you the greatest possible chance to make the sale you've invested so much to win.

Smashing targets on Amazon

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LSM Global has managed the Amazon EU business of a leading Professional Musical Instruments manufacturer since Jan 2019 and through careful execution of our Amazon best practice strategy we have generated consistent efficient growth, across all markets and brands.

Read our case study of how we drove an overall 1.5 percentage points increase in conversion, worth an incremental €300K+ in Q4 Sales Volume, while maintaining Advertising Cost of Sales (ACOS) under 8%.

Our Advertising team is at the cutting edge of the world's fastest growing platform, building your Amazon sales funnel from display to search and exhausting all avenues to find customers for your products. We are hands-on every day, optimising your campaigns in-line with real-time customer data.

Our Accounting support team is here to help get your money back. Amazon chargebacks are complicated and time-intensive. We proactively monitor all chargeback and shortage deductions, reclaiming your money and working with your teams to optimise processes to minimise future claims.


Our comprehensive advertising reports will provide you with insights about your products and customers that you won't be able to get anywhere else.


Our experience covers all aspects of Amazon

Amazon Services

Amazon Logistics

Sales & Marketing Strategy
Account Management
New Item Setup & Product Launch Management
Content Creation & Optimisation
Brand Protection Strategy
Amazon Advertising
Accounting Support
Disputes & Shortages
Logistics Support
Data Analytics & Insights
Logistics & Operations Support
Logistics Advising
Systems Support
PO Confirmations & Updates
Shipment Notification Entry
General Operations Advice & Support
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Marketing solutions to accelerate your ambitions

We deliver the sharpest, most effective, marketing solutions without the weight of big agency networks to slow us down.

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