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Our depth of knowledge can raise your market performance

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Our team has the skills and experience to help brands go wide into retail or with a more narrow focus, depending on their goals.


We expanded Blue Microphones' business from just the UK to all key countries in the EU within a year. 

We’ve helped brands like Square, J5 Create, Victrola and Tile focus on key retailers like Media Markt, FNAC, Dixon’s, Elkjop, and many more. We can help you build a complete channel s
trategy along with pricing or help validate your existing strategy with our decades of experience working for retailers and/or calling on them within EMEA.


Through our distribution partners we can provide turn-key logistics across 30 plus countries and  local sales resources with offices in London, Malmo, Munich, Paris, Amsterdam, Madrid, Rome, and Chennai, India, 


Covering all aspects of retail


The LSM team has significant experience selling products into B2B verticals either directly or via key strategic VAR partners.

Using our team’s years of experience in the B2B space, we examined the strategy for a client that was selling several hundred units per month on a direct basis but having a difficult time expanding further without local sales, channel marketing, and distribution services.

Within 90 days of engagement during the beginning of Covid we took over their inbound leads and provided local engagement and support while also beginning our own reach outs to numerous Fortune 500 potential clients across Germany, France, the UK, Netherlands, Nordics, Spain and more. Sales grew 5x.





Following this we were able to provide a seasoned channel marketing professional dedicated to their business at a fraction of the cost it would take them direct.

By the fall we were able to secure a streamlined supply chain across 28 countries via 17 local DC’s via one Pan-EU Distributor.

Forecast for this year is now heading to 50 Million Euros in revenue.




Market Preparation
Retail Strategy
Channel Development
Channel Development

We manage relationships across B2B verticals including Corporate, Education, Emergency Services, Enterprise, Finance, Government, Healthcare, Hospitality, Legal, Marketing, NGO, SMB/SME, Software & Technology and Telcos amongst many others.


All aspects of retail

Market Preparation
Retail Strategy
Channel Development
Channel Management

Demystifying Amazon

Allow us to set you up to succeed within the framework of Amazon's complicated and at times confusing tools, processes and policies.

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