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Trailblazing strategy comes from insight and experience

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Our extensive years of collective experience throughout the team, working directly for key retailers, manufacturers and distributors alike.


Members of our team have held senior roles in companies such as Amazon, AVID, CISCO, Ericsson, Fender, Huawei, Linksys, Mediamarkt and Samsung.

This extensive and varied experience allows us to deliver a 360 degree view of the entire market and sales and supply chain process.


Our team can help you define the correct placement strategy and negotiate the best possible terms to optimise your brand's success.

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Build the right go-to-market-strategy when you launch your product and adapt it over time to keep up with market changes – through our commercial insights and decades of experience.


We successfully built the Blue Microphones brand from less than 5 million Euros in 2015 to over 20 million Euros across the UK and Europe when it was sold to Logitech™ in 2019.

Blue only had placement in retail in the UK when we began and by the time of the sale we had achieved placements in all key retailers across Europe including Media Markt, FNAC, Boulanger, Elkjop, Dixon’s, Argos and many more, hand-in-hand with expanding and optimising Amazon coverage across all European marketplaces.

We achieved this growth while maintaining or increasing profitability for Blue in each region over this time.

Our sales growth outpaced that of other regions in every year we managed the brand and we never lost placement in any of the key retailers we got the brand placed in over this time while we achieved growth in top lines sales and profitability for both Blue and their partners online and offline.

And most importantly, we achieved all this while allowing Blue not to have to take on the burden of hiring local headcount, pensions, expenses, employment contracts, offices,
for less than a third of the cost it would have taken them to do it themselves as a European OpEx often averages 15%.

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Extend your reach into
retail and beyond

Our specialist teams managing Retail and B2B have a proven track record of supporting early stage and established companies to scale profitably, fast.

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